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    The World's Most Compact Professional Amp – A New Generation Has Arrived!

    Are you ready for a new generation in amplification? Prepare to be astonished by the latest in stealth technology from the world leader in compact amplifier design. The ZT Junior expands the envelope far beyond, bringing you a level of performance simply not available in a compact amp until now. Imagine the sonic power and refinement of a great full-sized combo flowing out of a package so small that people barely notice it. Built to tour-ready specifications and weighing in at a solid 5 pounds, this is no practice amp. Along with amazing sound, the ZT Junior provides a host of useful features, from adjustable overdrive to 12V compatibility. It even powers your 9V pedals! Now, plug in and become a believer.


    • Headphone/Line Level Output (1/8")
    • Aux In (1/8")
    • 9V Power Output
    • 12V Power In


    Dimensions (H x W x D): 6.5 x 7.75 x 5.5 inches/165mm x 197mm x 140mm 
    Weight: 5 lbs./2.3kg 
    Total Output Power: 35 watts RMS/80 watts Peak 
    Peak Output: >117dB at 1 meter 
    Speaker: 5 inch/130mm 
    Voltage: 115V/230V Selectable 
    Controls: Gain, Tone, Volume, Line Out/Headphone Level, Speaker On/Off

  • ZT Junior
  • ZT Junior
  • ZT Junior
  • ZT Junior

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