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    The ZT Lunchbox Cab is built on the platform of our highly acclaimed Lunchbox amplifier. It's a Lunchbox without the amp…a passive extension speaker, with the same solid-as-a-brick cabinet housing the same custom-design 6.5" driver used in the Lunchbox amp.

    Weighing less than 7 pounds, the Cab can blast out over 120dB, and sounds great doing it. The Cab also features a phase switch to provide accuracy in any situation.

    Connect the Cab to the Lunchbox amp's external speaker output and build a Lunchbox stack (it's adorable…like ferocious puppies or kittens!). Or spread them apart a few feet to create spatial imaging. Or go further and put them on opposite sides of the stage and give your sound a dimension that will make the crowd's heads swim.

    Sure, bigger cabinets can sound great – but do you really need them now?


    Dimensions (H x W x D): 7.5" x 9.8" x 4.4"/192mm x 250mm x 112mm
    Weight: 7 lbs./3.1kg
    Power Handling: 100 watts max. (designed for use with Lunchbox products only)
    Input: 1/4" 8 ohms min.
    Features: 6.5" Driver; Phase Switch


    Note: Early production Lunchboxes (serial numbers LB02 0000 1000 through LB02 0000 2999) are not optimized for use with the Lunchbox Cab. Please verify that your Lunchbox is compatible before you add a Cab, particularly if you expect to play at very high levels.

  • ZT Lunchbox Cab
  • ZT Lunchbox Cab
  • ZT Lunchbox Cab
  • ZT Lunchbox Cab

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