• Mission Engineering EP1-TC for G-System

    Mission Engineering

  • $249.00

  • Description

    The Mission EP1-TC is an expression and volume pedal specifically designed for the TC Electronic G-System.

    The EP1-TC pedals feature a 250K Ohm potentiometer for both expression and volume pedal use. Multiple pedals can be connected to one G-System either to the floor unit or with it’s rack remotely located. Use one pedal for global volume and a second for expression such as a wah or whammy pedal. There are numerous configuration options for the G-System.

    The EP1-TC circuit is designed to carefully match the requirements for the G-System for easy calibration and a full sweep pedal response.

    The spring load is an optional feature that can be added if required. This option allows the pedal to always return to heel down, and is suitable for use with whammy and wah effects.

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