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    "R" = polarity reversal switch (ensures compatibility with standard and ‘reverse polarity’ devices such as CAE and Rocktron MIDI controllers)

    "SPL" = spring load option (causes the pedal to return to a full heel down position)

    The Mission EP-1 is a professional quality, all metal, single channel expression pedal. The EP-1 is compatible with a large range of digital amps, effects units, MIDI controllers and stomp boxes, and can be used anywhere you would use a Roland EV-5, M-Audio EXP, Boss FV500, or similar pedal. The EP-1 features Missions extended sweep chassis, and purpose designed sealed 10K linear potentiometer. A single 1/4″ TRS output jack connects the pedal to your device with a TRS cable. The optional -R mini toggle polarity reversal switch is ensures compatibility with standard and 'reverse polarity' devices such as CAE and Rocktron MIDI controllers. Check out the support page for more infomation on compatibility.

    The EP-1 can be fitted with an optional spring load that will return the pedal to heel when you remove your foot. This is great for players who are looking to recreate the feel of a spring loaded wah pedal, or when using the pedal with an auto on/off detection such as the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx auto-engage feature.


    Dimensions: L9.9″ x W3.9″ x H3.0″ *
    Weight: 3.15 lbs 
    Exp output : 1/4″, 10K Linear, TRS tip to wiper
    Box Contents: 1x EP-1, 1x Hex Key

    *L and W at widest points. H at toe down including feet.


    Artists Using
    Dan Auerbach – The Black Keys
    John Petrucci – Dream Theater
    Paul Crook – Meatloaf
    Claudio Sanchez – Coheed and Cambria
    Dustie Waring – Between the Buried and Me

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