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    One of MI’s most popular pedals, now even better! Added BODY, TRIM and CLIPPING STRUCTURE controls makes this one of the most flexible low- to mid-gain overdrives on the market. Destined to be a classic!
    In brief:

    • 8 external controls.
    • Volume - plenty of volume for overdriving a tube amp.
    • Gain - from the lightest breakup to serious crunch, with more grit and attitude than the Blue Boy Deluxe.
    • Trim – a secondary gain control that affects the top-end. Turn up for more sizzle and bite!
    • Detail - for taming the top end.
    • Body - flatten out the typical mid-hump to give a looser feel comparable to an overdriven Fender combo.
    • Clipping Switches – choose from symmetrical/asymmetrical clipping from your choice.
    • Double the gain of a typical TS type of pedal.
    • Added internal voltage multiplier circuit increases 9V ONLY, to 18V supply in the pedal.

    In depth:
    The Blues Pro’s classic three-knob design is now bigger and better! All of the variables of this modified TS design are now on the face of the pedal for the ultimate in low/mid-gain tone-shaping. A plethora of overdrive tones await: Be it a low-gain boost, a harmonic blues solo tone or super-compressed fuzz – all can be dialled and switched in with the new expanded feature set. The classic compressed, mid-hump overdrive of the original is still there but is now surrounded by many more options for you to find your custom overdrive tone!
    The GAIN and new TRIM knob allow for fine-control of the blend between clean and overdrive signal. The TRIM control acts as secondary gain in a separate part of the circuit than the GAIN. This knob adds some bite and sizzle to the attack as it is turned up, perfect for some smooth, Dumble-esque tube overdrive sounds. Turn the TRIM to 2 o’clock for the classic Blues Pro position.
    The bottom-end is controlled by the DETAIL and BODY controls. The DETAIL provides the flexibility of a multi-band EQ in a single control – allowing for a more open, overdrive sound at its most full, to a more mid –rich tone as it is dialled back. The BODY control adds more bass and lower-mids to the overdrive. This can be cut back for a more jangly, bright attack or cranked for a loose, Fender combo overdrive on steroids!
    Perhaps the most exciting feature of the Super Blues Pro is the presence of two toggle switches that control the pair of soft-clipping diodes in the circuit. Each switch provides a choice of SILICON, MOSFET or NONE, with each combination giving different clipping symmetry, therefore different boosted harmonics. Each clipping combination also affects the output volume, attack of the signal and compressions allowing you to tailor an overdrive for your needs. For a compressed and throaty overdrive like the original, go for SILICON. If you want a more open OD and brighter attack, try out the MOSFETs, or find a blend in between. Using NONE is perfect for a low-gain boost to drive the front-end of your amp if natural tube overdrive is your sound.
    The ‘fuzz’ mode of the original has also seen an expansion with a few different options now available. By selecting either SILICON and NONE, or MOSFET and NONE (and its combinations within), you have two different fuzz tones that clean up with the guitar’s volume to provide a cleaner overdrive tone. This is the ultimate for Blues playing! The holy grail tone of a perfect harmony of fuzz and overdrive, responsive to your attack and playing style lies right here!! Using the BODY control will also affect the amount of compression and decay of your strummed notes allowing for an awesome choking, blooming fuzz unheard only found in the Super Blues Pro.


    • Power Supply – 9V Battery or DC power ONLY for an internally boosted 18V supply. REPEAT: 9V ONLY!
    • Current Draw – 8 mA
    • Bypass – True Bypass with heavy duty 3PDT footswitch and clear lens red indicating LED
    • Enclosure – Blue powder-coated and silk-screened enclosure
    • Connectors – Input, Output, DC Jack
    • Size & Weight:
      • Width – 109mm (4.3”)
      • Depth – 56mm (2.6”)
      • Height – 31mm (1.2”)
      • Weight – 270g (9.5oz)
  • MI Effects Super Blues Pro
  • MI Effects Super Blues Pro

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