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    Freedom Cable

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    In a recent cable shoot-out, it was noted that the speaker cable often made a bigger improvement to the system sound than the instrument cable.  Yet this is an often neglected part of the gear equation. 

    Freedom Music has developed a fantastic speaker cable based on the G&H MegaFoot™ plug and the Canare 4S8 speaker cable.  It also shares the high quality components and assembly of the Freedom Expression: WBT silver solder, Raychem heatshrink, 2-stage chemical process and custom length availability.

    The MegaFoot™ plug has a large barrel and an oversized strain relief specifically designed to stand up to the weight of 10- and 12-gauge speaker wire without breaking. This makes the MegaFoot™ plug ideal where a rugged 1/4" speaker plug is required.
    The photo below shows the Freedom Speak as it compares physically to a standard speaker cable: \

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