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    Freedom Cable

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    The Freedom Expression is our flagship cable product.  Existing customers have been literally amazed by the increased transparency and level as well as the reduced system noise and unpleasant cable distortion.  This adds up to more of the instrument coming through and an all-round better sound.  After all it is the instrument we want to hear, not the cable!

    These improvement are due to a number of technical factors:

    1. The low capacitance of the cable improves phase coherence thereby reducing sonic smearing and improving transient response.  It also allows more of the instruments harmonics through to the amplifier by increasing the frequency of the resonant peak of the pick-up/ cable/ amplifier input tuned circuit.
    2. The low resistance of the cable ensure maximum level is presented to the amp input.  This improves the system signal-to-noise ratio and maximum clean headroom.
    3. The proprietary double Carbon/Braid Copper shield construction of the Canare GS-6 cable protects the signal from extraneous noise.
    4. The G&H Ultra-High-Clarity Showsaver plug is the only connector on the market with a solid copper core. These revolutionary plugs allow soldering directly onto the copper plug core. This is the only connector of its type on the market.
    5. Using WBT Silver Solder ensures maximum signal transfer and transparency from connector to cable.
    6. The chemical treatment of our cable plugs ensure that the cable performance continues to excel year after year.

    Options for the Freedom Expression include:

    • G&H Right Angled Plugs. All of the G&H product advantages in a right angled (R/A) format. No extra cost.
    • G&H Quiet Plugs. Spring-loaded to effectively "mute" the input of your amp while your change your cable to another instrument (guitar, bass etc.).  It only goes on the instrument end.  Add $4.00 per cable


    Choose your cable length and plug configuration from the drop-down menu below: 


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