Freedom Music make high performance instrument cables to lengths of your specification. We specialise in cables for guitar and bass applications. Only the finest components are used and the end product demonstrates the benefit of this uncompromising approach. Our customers are amazed at the improvement these cables make to their sound compared to some high(er) priced rivals! 

There are six reasons to buy your cables from Freedom Music:

  1. G&H Industries Plugs - the worlds most durable and sonically transparent plug, with a unique solid copper core.
  2. Canare GS-6 Cable - the best mix of low capacitance, resistance, high durability and price on the market.
  3. WBT Silver Solder - The only choice for audio termination.
  4. Raychem heatshrink cable armour - an advanced heatshrink product is used which is rigid, dual walled and encapsulant lined for maximum strain relief and cable assembly protection.
  5. Chemical treatment - a two-stage chemical process is used to clean and preserve the plugs for the lifetime of the cable, maintaining conductivity and protecting against contaminants.
  6. Custom Service - any length, choice of connectors, optional colour coding, specialist cables - you name it, and we will do it!